The wine production in the family goes back to the time of Grandfather Fernando, who planted most of our vineyards and instilled in us the love for the vine and wine production. For many years the quinta sold grapes to make Port wine and produced still wine only to be consumed at home.
As a result of experience gained since 1997 in Real Companhia Velha, a company with 250 years of legendary history in Port wine, we decided in 2002 to start a new stage in the life of this house through the production and marketing of Douro DOC table wines. In our mind there was only one aim: the production of high quality wines - ESMERO, what good the Douro has to offer!
We believe that old vines have a potential that deserve to be valued, not neglected. We believe that a difference can be found in this value added through time: blending different grape varieties to achieve a balanced production, associated with a careful vinification to express the high potential of the raw material

Family & Friends

The Legacy

By valuing the old vineyards and the formation of unusual lots, balanced by careful winemaking, we have been lending new and interesting expressions to Douro table wines.